Why would you want to move to Japan?!

I have been asked this a lot recently, mostly by my family members, so I thought it would be a good start with this new blog. (I do currently have another blog on Tumblr but that will be for blogging about general life/games, etc.)

Since I was of the age of about 8 or 9 I would say, I have always had a big interest in anime and manga, which I would probably say started with the Dragonball series. This grew to watching a channel called Toonami which sadly doesn’t exist anymore, well at least not in England anyway. I soon grew very attached to a show called Tenchi, my favorite anime of all time. Some years later I was still watching these shows and started to think about where they actually come from, the history of them etc ( I have always loved doing research on things , don’t ask me why.) This developed into me loving a country named Japan. 

Now through secondary school (high school), I wasn’t as attached to my dream with all the teen angst and what not you have through that time , but when I finished and went into to college I then began thinking about Japan again, always wandering how you would move there etc, and for some reason at that time I didn’t think about looking on the internet for answers. However I did try multiple times to learn the language, never getting far usually due to my low attention span i had at that age.

Then up to present day, I hadn’t thought about moving so much to Japan at this time, I was trying to move to London and then work out what I want to do with my life from there. But this soon died when my best friend who I was hoping to move with, had to go away for a while which soon took away from that image. I then began drifting just working all the time and not really doing anything, when I then found out I had to have a stomach operation, being quite serious I had to have 3 months of work for recovery. The operation was messy and I lost a lot of blood, so when it came to the recovery time I decided that I didn’t just want to exist in the boring county of Shropshire, I wanted to do something with my life. I then realised the one thing I have always had a passion for through out my life was Japan.

I first looked at taking a holiday to Japan thinking about the various thing I could do, like homestays, and hostel etc. But then I started coming across things like a working holiday, which took me to the site : http://www.boobooski.com/index.html. Where I looked into maybe going to work abroad for 6 months or so, but I then realised you need to actually be able to speak at least a bit of Japanese to survive out there. But then on that site it took me to another site that talked about learning Japanese whilst living out there, which I was so in awe over, I just wanted to do it so badly : http://www.japaninternship.net/culture-programs.html. this course would have been for 4 weeks in which I would have studied and traveled around the beautiful Island of Okinawa.  Which was the plan for a while, to leave in feb 2012, me and my good friend Ian talked about this for a while, and he said he would like to come too, but he just was worried about getting all the money together. As I looked deeper into doing this I then saw a site about going to a school for a year or two and learning Japanese and living out there etc:http://www.ulearnjapanese.com/

Learn japanese!

. I then knew that this is what I wanted to do, and now am setting up my way to move there by oct 2012.

Watch this Space! Live, Love, Laughter.


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28/10/1990 Female United Kingdom Dream; To live in Japan Blog; This is a blog about my journey in life and the who's, hows and whens of how I will make my dream come true.
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