Where should i look to study in Japan or maybe work?

Where did I start my search?

I first looked into having a working holiday in Japan, there are many sites that you can look int but the main problem with this is the language barrier, a large portion of the time they want you to have been studying Japanese for at least 6 months, as a lot of the time you will be serving customers whom speak Japanese. A website I would advice you to look is: http://www.boobooski.com/index.html but if you have the money you could also do an unpaid internship with more options from this site: http://www.japaninternship.net/index.html. But the reason I knew I couldn’t go through with this was the language barrier, and I really wanted to learn it in Japan.

Map of Japan


I new my new goal would have to be learning Japanese, so I looked into the new what kind of places I can learn, the first place was in Okinawa, for a month. Where you would go on trips around the area and get to know the culture. It is a great chance to go to Japan and learn some Japanese. However you would need to know some basics and would learn as much as I would like to. The good thing about doing this is you don’t need to apply for a Visa as you can stay up to 6 months, it is great to stay for a 4 week holiday and have things planned for you. Plus Okinawa is a beautiful Island and I will be visiting there for one of the holidays during school. This had been the plan for a while however I kept thinking about how I wanted to be there longer then a month, and wanted  to live in Japan. So I looked into studying there, thanks to Google I found this school, http://www.ulearnjapanese.com/. This school looks so amazing, and you have a choice of the courses you want to go to and they help you no matter what level you are. Also the teaching method employed by them have been shown to be one of the best, as the main teacher has also trained other language school teachers.

There website also helps you out with visa knowledge, culture you need to be aware of, all sort of useful information you will need to know before you venture to Japan. But the main thing I can say to you, is that you have to keep looking around before you fully commit to something so you can find the best situation for you. My trip is now living in Japan for 1- 2 years studying Japanese at NILS language school and I couldn’t be more excited.

Once I have completed my 2 years at NILS my next step may be studying at the university of Fukuoka. Maybe doing business management of Clinical psychology, I haven’t fully decided yet, but I know I will soon enough.


NILS website


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2 Responses to Where should i look to study in Japan or maybe work?

  1. Jake says:

    Hi, I’m currently looking into language schools and was wondering if you ended up attending NILS language school. If you did would you mind sharing your experiences about the school? Thanks!

    • Hey there Jake I know this is a bit of a late reply, I didn’t actually go to NILS as it wouldn’t have worked out financially for me.
      Instead I am getting a degree in Japanese in England with a year in Japan and then hopefully going to Japan after University to work.
      However I know some people that have gone to NILS and they all say it is amazing, and an experience you cant beat, so if you think you can work it all out you should go.

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