Finding your new home in Japan…

So where do you look for a place to live whilst you are in Japan?

Well luckily for me there was a place already shown to me through the website for NILS (link in other posts). It a website called Leopalace21 (, here they will help you find an apartment in the location you’re going to be studying or working. I have been in contact with them a few times given them information I know and them giving me advice. The only over problem is that when it comes to having an actual apartment shown to you etc is  you need to be leaving for Japan in two weeks and have all your visa information ready. That annoys me because I am the type of person that likes to have everything arranged and to know everything before I have to go, but I will deal with it. You can look on there website ( and have a look for apartments but it can get confusing very quickly. I only barely was able to find an apartment that may work or me.

Begin your adventure with a new family

When it comes to Leopalace21 there are two types of contracts a monthly contract and a contract they call Chinta. The Chinta contract is for a month by month paying of rent (Not including utilities), also being able to choose between a furnished or unfurnished apartment. There are more details about it on there website and then the monthly contract is where you prepay your entire stay there (including utilities) which if you are going to study there then i would advice you to go with that as it gets all your bills out of the way and can concentrate on money for food and travelling etc.

The NILS school also offers other sources of accommodation, like dorm rooms, places near them etc. But something I think is interesting is Homestays. The reason I think this is a good idea is because you will be living with people who know the area and can help you find places. There are people to support you, and you can learn of them about culture and their language, which in turn they can learn from you as well. So if you don’t think you would like your own place or don’t think you’d have the money I think a housestay would be a great option. There are many places to look for these, and I would advice you to have a look for the best one for you. You can look on the NILS website, or look at which i found as a good site to look for some homestays.

How have i decided to do it?

Find a new home.

Well I decided since I will be moving with a friend to Japan that we might as well get an apartment together and share the rent price, the good part being I will be able to take my dog with me as well, which is an important step of this process. So far I have found a place that has two rooms for £6000 for the year0, or two apartments on top of each other for £5000 we shall see what happens about these places because they will help me look for places when i’m a week away. But I have found that Leopalace21 have been very helpful and will continue to be so.

Live.Love.Laughter~Be happy folks


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