One step closer…

I am now one step closer to getting to Japan, I have enrolled back into college, to do an access course to get into University. If you have already looked at the other things I have looked at and thought well I wont be able to go to University becasuse I dont have the grades to get into Uni. Then you should look into doing an Access course, it is basically a course to do three Alevels in one year. You need to be ready to study as hard as you can to get good marks, which I am personally scared about but you just have to get through it. My course consists of; GCSE level Maths English and IT, and then A level History, Pshycology and English Language. How I will cope I am not sure but I have to, because this is my Journey to get to Japan.

Good luck to all of you trying to do the same as me, and I hope you reach your dreams. 


About waldorfcronicles

28/10/1990 Female United Kingdom Dream; To live in Japan Blog; This is a blog about my journey in life and the who's, hows and whens of how I will make my dream come true.
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