Long time coming…

I know I have not put up a post in a long time but I have found I had no time to get blogging. So I ended up studying and working, however work took over all my time, why I let it I couldn’t tell you. However I regretted it so much because all the people that I was on my Access course are off to University now. However I will not be discouraged, I have reapplied for the access course, finding one that works better for me then my last one did. 

To help anyone that is looking into going for an access course, please think about these words. Do not have a full time job (It will ruin your chances of finishing the course), Focus on the work at hand (It is a lot harder then you think it will be). 

 I say this out of personal experience, I went into the course thinking I could work full time and study but this the amount of work you have to do in such a short amount of time does not give you enough time to work that much. Also for those party-ers you will have to cut back as the course will soak up most of your free time. The course is a commitment you need to make, to get yourself where you want to be. I had to learn this lesson and now 2014 is going to be my year into university. 


About waldorfcronicles

28/10/1990 Female United Kingdom Dream; To live in Japan Blog; This is a blog about my journey in life and the who's, hows and whens of how I will make my dream come true.
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