Long time coming…

I know I have not put up a post in a long time but I have found I had no time to get blogging. So I ended up studying and working, however work took over all my time, why I let it I couldn’t tell you. However I regretted it so much because all the people that I was on my Access course are off to University now. However I will not be discouraged, I have reapplied for the access course, finding one that works better for me then my last one did. 

To help anyone that is looking into going for an access course, please think about these words. Do not have a full time job (It will ruin your chances of finishing the course), Focus on the work at hand (It is a lot harder then you think it will be). 

 I say this out of personal experience, I went into the course thinking I could work full time and study but this the amount of work you have to do in such a short amount of time does not give you enough time to work that much. Also for those party-ers you will have to cut back as the course will soak up most of your free time. The course is a commitment you need to make, to get yourself where you want to be. I had to learn this lesson and now 2014 is going to be my year into university. 

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One step closer…

I am now one step closer to getting to Japan, I have enrolled back into college, to do an access course to get into University. If you have already looked at the other things I have looked at and thought well I wont be able to go to University becasuse I dont have the grades to get into Uni. Then you should look into doing an Access course, it is basically a course to do three Alevels in one year. You need to be ready to study as hard as you can to get good marks, which I am personally scared about but you just have to get through it. My course consists of; GCSE level Maths English and IT, and then A level History, Pshycology and English Language. How I will cope I am not sure but I have to, because this is my Journey to get to Japan.

Good luck to all of you trying to do the same as me, and I hope you reach your dreams. 

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Finding your new home in Japan…

So where do you look for a place to live whilst you are in Japan?

Well luckily for me there was a place already shown to me through the website for NILS (link in other posts). It a website called Leopalace21 (http://en.leopalace21.com/), here they will help you find an apartment in the location you’re going to be studying or working. I have been in contact with them a few times given them information I know and them giving me advice. The only over problem is that when it comes to having an actual apartment shown to you etc is  you need to be leaving for Japan in two weeks and have all your visa information ready. That annoys me because I am the type of person that likes to have everything arranged and to know everything before I have to go, but I will deal with it. You can look on there website (http://www.leopalace21.com) and have a look for apartments but it can get confusing very quickly. I only barely was able to find an apartment that may work or me.

Begin your adventure with a new family

When it comes to Leopalace21 there are two types of contracts a monthly contract and a contract they call Chinta. The Chinta contract is for a month by month paying of rent (Not including utilities), also being able to choose between a furnished or unfurnished apartment. There are more details about it on there website and then the monthly contract is where you prepay your entire stay there (including utilities) which if you are going to study there then i would advice you to go with that as it gets all your bills out of the way and can concentrate on money for food and travelling etc.

The NILS school also offers other sources of accommodation, like dorm rooms, places near them etc. But something I think is interesting is Homestays. The reason I think this is a good idea is because you will be living with people who know the area and can help you find places. There are people to support you, and you can learn of them about culture and their language, which in turn they can learn from you as well. So if you don’t think you would like your own place or don’t think you’d have the money I think a housestay would be a great option. There are many places to look for these, and I would advice you to have a look for the best one for you. You can look on the NILS website, or look at http://www.destination-japan.com/Homestay/tabid/324/Default.aspx which i found as a good site to look for some homestays.

How have i decided to do it?

Find a new home.

Well I decided since I will be moving with a friend to Japan that we might as well get an apartment together and share the rent price, the good part being I will be able to take my dog with me as well, which is an important step of this process. So far I have found a place that has two rooms for £6000 for the year0, or two apartments on top of each other for £5000 we shall see what happens about these places because they will help me look for places when i’m a week away. But I have found that Leopalace21 have been very helpful and will continue to be so.

Live.Love.Laughter~Be happy folks

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Where should i look to study in Japan or maybe work?

Where did I start my search?

I first looked into having a working holiday in Japan, there are many sites that you can look int but the main problem with this is the language barrier, a large portion of the time they want you to have been studying Japanese for at least 6 months, as a lot of the time you will be serving customers whom speak Japanese. A website I would advice you to look is: http://www.boobooski.com/index.html but if you have the money you could also do an unpaid internship with more options from this site: http://www.japaninternship.net/index.html. But the reason I knew I couldn’t go through with this was the language barrier, and I really wanted to learn it in Japan.

Map of Japan


I new my new goal would have to be learning Japanese, so I looked into the new what kind of places I can learn, the first place was in Okinawa, for a month. Where you would go on trips around the area and get to know the culture. It is a great chance to go to Japan and learn some Japanese. However you would need to know some basics and would learn as much as I would like to. The good thing about doing this is you don’t need to apply for a Visa as you can stay up to 6 months, it is great to stay for a 4 week holiday and have things planned for you. Plus Okinawa is a beautiful Island and I will be visiting there for one of the holidays during school. This had been the plan for a while however I kept thinking about how I wanted to be there longer then a month, and wanted  to live in Japan. So I looked into studying there, thanks to Google I found this school, http://www.ulearnjapanese.com/. This school looks so amazing, and you have a choice of the courses you want to go to and they help you no matter what level you are. Also the teaching method employed by them have been shown to be one of the best, as the main teacher has also trained other language school teachers.

There website also helps you out with visa knowledge, culture you need to be aware of, all sort of useful information you will need to know before you venture to Japan. But the main thing I can say to you, is that you have to keep looking around before you fully commit to something so you can find the best situation for you. My trip is now living in Japan for 1- 2 years studying Japanese at NILS language school and I couldn’t be more excited.

Once I have completed my 2 years at NILS my next step may be studying at the university of Fukuoka. Maybe doing business management of Clinical psychology, I haven’t fully decided yet, but I know I will soon enough.


NILS website

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Why would you want to move to Japan?!

I have been asked this a lot recently, mostly by my family members, so I thought it would be a good start with this new blog. (I do currently have another blog on Tumblr but that will be for blogging about general life/games, etc.)

Since I was of the age of about 8 or 9 I would say, I have always had a big interest in anime and manga, which I would probably say started with the Dragonball series. This grew to watching a channel called Toonami which sadly doesn’t exist anymore, well at least not in England anyway. I soon grew very attached to a show called Tenchi, my favorite anime of all time. Some years later I was still watching these shows and started to think about where they actually come from, the history of them etc ( I have always loved doing research on things , don’t ask me why.) This developed into me loving a country named Japan. 

Now through secondary school (high school), I wasn’t as attached to my dream with all the teen angst and what not you have through that time , but when I finished and went into to college I then began thinking about Japan again, always wandering how you would move there etc, and for some reason at that time I didn’t think about looking on the internet for answers. However I did try multiple times to learn the language, never getting far usually due to my low attention span i had at that age.

Then up to present day, I hadn’t thought about moving so much to Japan at this time, I was trying to move to London and then work out what I want to do with my life from there. But this soon died when my best friend who I was hoping to move with, had to go away for a while which soon took away from that image. I then began drifting just working all the time and not really doing anything, when I then found out I had to have a stomach operation, being quite serious I had to have 3 months of work for recovery. The operation was messy and I lost a lot of blood, so when it came to the recovery time I decided that I didn’t just want to exist in the boring county of Shropshire, I wanted to do something with my life. I then realised the one thing I have always had a passion for through out my life was Japan.

I first looked at taking a holiday to Japan thinking about the various thing I could do, like homestays, and hostel etc. But then I started coming across things like a working holiday, which took me to the site : http://www.boobooski.com/index.html. Where I looked into maybe going to work abroad for 6 months or so, but I then realised you need to actually be able to speak at least a bit of Japanese to survive out there. But then on that site it took me to another site that talked about learning Japanese whilst living out there, which I was so in awe over, I just wanted to do it so badly : http://www.japaninternship.net/culture-programs.html. this course would have been for 4 weeks in which I would have studied and traveled around the beautiful Island of Okinawa.  Which was the plan for a while, to leave in feb 2012, me and my good friend Ian talked about this for a while, and he said he would like to come too, but he just was worried about getting all the money together. As I looked deeper into doing this I then saw a site about going to a school for a year or two and learning Japanese and living out there etc:http://www.ulearnjapanese.com/

Learn japanese!

. I then knew that this is what I wanted to do, and now am setting up my way to move there by oct 2012.

Watch this Space! Live, Love, Laughter.

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